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  DC Series XV
Jonathan Ralston
oil on canvas
Size: 24 x 24 (art)
Price: $2,900 (C4434JR)

  San Giorgio Maggiore, Italy II
Jonathan Ralston
oil on linen
Size: 28 x 32 (art)
Price: $4,600 (C4417JR)

jonathan ralston
For Jonathan Ralston, architecture is a primal element of human existence, as we interact with buildings every day of our lives. The buildings people choose to erect and inhabit define both individuals and societies. The exploration of architecture is therefore an exploration of self. He has traveled extensively around the world in order to seek architectural references. Jonathan chooses to paint these spaces by focusing on one particular combination of elements. He cites the Dutch masters, particularly Rembrandt, as having influenced his approach to light and color. Jonathan graduated from Wheaton College, MA in 1992 and has participated in both solo and group exhibitions along the East Coast. Ralston was recently featured in the book 100 Boston Painters by Chawky Frenn.

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