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  Bay Breakers II, "Indigo Bay"
Stephen Day
Oil on canvas
Size: 36 x 48
Price: $2,900 (C6963SD)

  Bay Dreaming
Stephen Day
Oil on canvas
Size: 36 x 48 (art)
Price: $2,600 (C6492SD) (G)

  Bay Dreams
Stephen Day
Oil on canvas
Size: 48 x 36 (art) 49 x 37 (frame)
SOLD (C6865SD)

  Shimmering Bay
Stephen Day
Oil on canvas
Size: 36 x 48 (art) 37¼ x 49¼ (framed)
SOLD (C6868SD)(G)

stephen day
Stephen Day was born in Nottingham, England in 1944 and has been a resident of Washington, DC for twenty-seven years. He is a self-taught painter who started painting waterscapes and bird portraits at age eighteen. Both of his parents painted, which had a strong impact on him, as there were always watercolor paints, oils, and the whiff of turpentine in the house. He has had paintings in numerous art shows, including at Strathmore. He has had four one-man and one two-person exhibitions in Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC. To date, he has sold over seventy-five paintings. Stylistically, it is difficult to pigeonhole Day. His current paintings (typically on the larger side, 36” x 48” and up) are best described as waterscapes "approaching abstraction.” His subject matter comes from a considerable amount of domestic and international travel. When not painting, Stephen is involved with for-profit and not-for-profit organizations and numerous other avocations. He has had a high-tech executive career—wedged between painting, writing, traveling, and holding the position of adjunct business professor at American University and University of Delaware. He has two degrees, one from the US and the other from the UK. His thesis at the University of Leeds was on the psychology of color. He lives with his wife Sara, a writer and editor, in Northwest Washington, DC.
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