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  A Quiet Street
Rodgers Naylor
oil on canvas
Size: 24 x 36 (art) 29½ x 41½ (frame)
Price: $3,250 (C5174RN)

rodgers naylor
A native Washingtonian, Rodgers Naylor was born near Georgetown in 1954 and spent his childhood on a farm near the Pautuxent River in Maryland. He pursued painting and drawing at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, The Atelier in Minneapolis, and the Art Students’ League of Denver after attending the University of Chicago and Carleton College for academics. Though Rodgers now lives in rural Colorado, he continues to return to Washington, DC in his paintings. Rodgers Naylor: Life in the City features dynamic Georgetown street scenes, colorful Eastern Market happenings, contemplative interiors of the National Gallery, and dynamic slices of urban life. He also finds a rich array of painting subjects during travels abroad, especially in the Mediterranean region of Europe. Adhering to a realistic yet painterly style, Rodgers paints in an “alla prima” manner, which allows great flexibility in mixing colors and attaining soft edges, fostering a fresh, spontaneous approach to painting. He has a strong interest in the effects of light and shadow, the relationship between warm and cool colors, and the interplay between the cityscape and its inhabitants.
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